Business Services Overview

Parkrite Parkrite is an exlusive African Franchisee of Parx Limited, an OTI Company. We offer solutions comprises several modules that are fully integrated with each other to provide a unique approach to the challenge of real-time parking payment management and enforcement.
Ctrack ZimbabweCtrack Zimbabwe is a subsiduary of Ctrack. We specialises in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of advanced GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions tailor-made for the consumer or industry sector required.
Tapifare ZimbabweTapifare Zimbabwe specialize in the development, implementation and operation of Electronic Fare Collection and Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring solutions. The Tapifare system is Visa, MasterCard and contactless payments ready.
IdentiTECH ZimbabweIdentiTECH Zimbabwe specialise in providing a complete identity management solution. Our focus on identity management using ID cards has opened the opportunity to excel as a full identity, database and credential management provider.
Smart Park AfricaSmart Park Africa allows cities to improve parking services, optimize operations, cut costs, increase compliance by better parking enforcement, reduction of traffic congestion and pollution and at the same time providing a better service to the drivers and city's residents.
ITCS Integrated Toll Collection Systems (ITCS) combines all the hardware at the lane level, multi-protocol RFID systems, toll (Automatic Licence Plate Recognition) ALPR systems, and Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) with toll back office software (TBS) to a Hybrid Toll Collection Solution.

Main Services

Information TechnologyService Provision
Shelstein Group's operations evolves around provision of comprehensive information and communications technology services. We understand Information Technology as an integral and potentially differentiating component of any organisation and we provide future-proof solutions.
We believe that a company’s corporate strategy both guides and is influenced by its technological capabilities. We promote Capability Maturity Model and craft business solutions by Integrating already running systems with cutting-edge technology to produce hybrid systems.
Cashless basedTransactions
Cashless payments offer secure and convenient alternative to cash payment. Our solutions offer a cashless payment platform that can easily be integrated with other traditional payment systems for conviniency. E-commerce is now trendy, offering cashless payment options is the way to go!